About Lightray Studios

Located in the beautiful Sierra Mountains of Northern Nevada, Lightray Studios was born out of a passion for storytelling through photography. George Anastassatos has operated his studio for the last eight years in Reno, Nevada. Prior to moving to Reno, he spent the last fifteen years working as a photographer in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. Overall, he brings over 23 years of experience to the field of photography. Lightray Studios primarily operates on-location throughout the Reno Tahoe region. If your project requires a studio location, Lightray Studios has an in-home studio in Reno. Each photography session is unique and personalized to provide the greatest experience possible to clients. George is also available for global travel, upon request.

Creative Inspiration

“When I work I like to research the topic of photography to find a different way to tell a story visually. I like to speak to my client and listen to what their expectations are of the photography session and how I can capture and enhance that vision with my own ideas. I like to get to a location early and walk around, get a feel of where we are at, what are the smells, where is the light coming from, what kind of plants and trees are around. What kind of natural colors are prominent at the location and how can I use them visually when photographing my subject.

I enjoy getting to know people and find out what makes them laugh and smile, what they look forward to doing once they are done with their day. It could be walking in the door and seeing their children, pet, partner. It could be taking a walk with their dog or sitting on their porch with a warm cup of tea watching the sun set... Regardless, I am fascinated with people because we are all so different and I feel very blessed that I am able to photograph people and share a bit of each of them in the photographs that I capture.”

- George Anastassatos, President of Lightray Studios

Meet George Anastassatos

George Anastassatos is the guy behind the lens and the creative mind of Lightray Studios. From a young age, George has always been a visual person who loves capturing special and unique moments through photography. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science with an emphasis in Photography and minor in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno. In addition to his formal education, he has over two decades of experience working as a professional photographer in both Los Angeles and Northern Nevada. When he’s not taking photos, Geroge enjoys spending time with his two sons and wife as well as hiking, camping, and fishing outdoors.