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Lightray Studios has been serving clients in the Reno area for years and we offer numerous photography services to fit every price range for every person. George Anastassatos is an expert photographer and local Reno resident with an eye for the best shots. For him photography is personal and about capturing those essential shots with a unique perspective.

Photography is also about experience and knowing all of the elements that go into a great image, things like lighting, focus, perspective, composition, etc. Lightray Studios has years of experience with over a hundred different photoshoots in different subject matters. Our clients range from corporations looking to capture their products in a good light, to baby photos focused on creating a lasting beautiful image for years to come. We are among Reno’s best photography studios and work hard to make your best images come to life. See for yourself and check out our gallery:

If experience isn’t enough, we also take a personal approach to each of our photoshoots. Whether it’s Event Photography, Corporate Headshots, or Portraits, George takes the time to compose the shoot to make the best image. He also lets you see the images if you like too! (unheard of in the photography business). To George and Lightray Studios it is more than sitting you down and taking a bunch of images hoping one of them turns out. Intead, we take an active and engaged approach and help direct you or whatever we are shooting to get the best image possible.

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