Photography and the obsession of gear?

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Photography and the obsession of gear?

I understand the irony and potential anger I'll cause about posting a thread like this in a website that's largely about lenses, cameras and tripods.

Photography is weird in a way that it's one of the few hobbies/professions that has groups and sub-groups of people that talk about gear a lot. Are you a Canon or Nikon person? Canon/Fuji has the best colours! Sony makes the best cameras! What camera/lens should I buy? Leica is the worst! Leica is the best! There's something special about Leica, who agrees? Old Canon cameras had the best colour science! Etc.

And then there's phones, and the amount of comment threads/channels I've seen on Facebook/Instagram alone where people argue/discuss about Apple vs. Samsung vs. HTC vs. Google etc. And about the same technical aspects like dynamic range, low light performance... but interestingly, JPEG processing gets brought up a lot. Sharpness and how Samsung historically tends to over sharpen, Apple tends to be more 'natural' with their colours compared to other brands.

So, there's phone vs. phone, but then there's phone vs. DSLRs and mirrorless? Holy moly, the number of discussions and topics are endless!!

My question to you guys is do you enjoy the technical aspects and discussions about the equipment you use on the daily? And why do you discuss (and/or argue) about gear?

I know for me I've spent less and less time talking about gear because I don't find it as interesting anymore. And prefer to spend my time talking about photos/philosophy at this point in time.

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