Our year in cameras
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Our year in cameras

The major manufacturers released 21 new cameras in 2023, three more than the previous year. Perhaps this is an early indicator that the slowdown in manufacturing and chips we saw during the pandemic may be coming to an end.

We've compiled a list of every major camera released last year. There are certainly some new cameras we expect to be favorites for years to come, as well as some headscratchers. When we break it down by manufacturer, some were definitely more busy than others.

It's pure speculation what any of this means for 2024: will the trend of increased new releases continue? Will others who were quiet in 2023 ramp up this year? Will a new leader emerge? Time will tell.

A quick note: this list isn't meant to be an all-inclusive rundown. For instance, you won't find instant cameras, action cameras, smartphones or outliers like the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses in this recap. You also won't see the Sony a9 III on this list because it was only announced in 2023 and not released.