The crucial camera news from CES 2024 (so far)
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The crucial camera news from CES 2024 (so far)

Image: CTA

The Consumer Electronics Tradeshow of 2024 is kicking off, and while we don't expect any huge camera announcements this year, there are plenty of other bits and bobs of interest to the photographically inclined. The show is in full swing now, with the show floor officially open. Ironically, that means the actual announcements are beginning to wrap up.

We're not on the ground in Vegas this year, but we are keeping close watch from afar to collect just the juicy photography-related news and round it up for you.

Here are the most important announcements, awards and releases (so far). We'll be updating this post as announcements roll out throughout the show, which runs until Friday, January 12th.

This post will be updated live throughout CES 2024. Check back for the latest announcements.