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Yet another year has passed, and it’s already time to announce the winners of the DPReview Annual Awards for 2023.

Although it was a crazy year here at DPReview, the camera industry kept chugging along, and in 2023, manufacturers treated us to some exciting products. Nikon delivered the full-frame retro camera its users have dreamed of for years, Fujifilm brought high-end video specs to medium format, Panasonic finally jumped on the phase-detect autofocus bandwagon, and Pentax joined Leica in the monochrome camera game. And, although it arrived too late in the year for us to thoroughly test it, Sony made waves by launching the first full-frame camera with a global electronic shutter.

On the lens front, Canon introduced a 24-105mm F2.8 zoom, something photographers have made noise about for years; whether they like the size and price of such a lens remains to be seen. Nikon continued its trend of building compact telephoto primes, Sony stretched the popular 24-70mm walk-around zoom into ultrawide territory, and Fujifilm announced not one but two tilt-shift lenses for its medium format system.

There's a lot to keep track of (and still to review fully), but we've been busy working with the latest releases to make sure we know how they compare. Here, then, are our awards for what we believe are the most compelling new products of 2023. Let us know what yours would be in the comments.