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The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus represent Apple’s entry-level iPhone models designed to appeal to a wider swathe of customers than the Pro models. On the photographic side, resolution is this year’s big story: a 48MP main camera sensor brings high-resolution image capture to non-Pro owners in two forms: the default option to capture a pixel-binned 24MP version or shoot full-res 48MP 'max' images. Both are steps up from the 12MP available on previous models.

You won’t escape that 12MP base entirely, though. The ultra-wide camera still uses a 12MP sensor, and 12MP is captured in Night mode, when the flash is used, or when any of the Portrait Lighting modes (such as the Studio Light option) is active. However, speaking of portraits, you do get the new ability for the phone to automatically save a depth map when it detects a person or pet, even if you’re not specifically in Portrait mode.

Choosing one of this year’s non-Pro iPhones means you forgo camera features found on the Pro models, such as a dedicated telephoto lens, macro mode, and the ability to capture Raw images. To see examples of what the iPhone 15 Pro can produce, be sure to check out the iPhone 15 Pro Sample Gallery.

The photos in this gallery were made with an iPhone 15 Plus, which has identical camera specifications to the iPhone 15. The images were captured in the device’s default HEIF format, and exported from Apple Photos as full-size JPEGs with JPEG quality set to maximum. Several photos may appear to be identical but are the same subject captured at 48MP and 24MP (or 12MP, depending on the circumstance). All photos are straight out of camera, except where noted.